Privacy Policy

Our policy is to protect and respect your privacy company. This privacy policy along with the documents referred to herein in order to formulate general principles which the personal data that we collect from you will be processed and utilized. Please go through the whole page very carefully so that you understand our views and practices with respect to your personal data and how as a company we aim to deal with it. We try to keep some basic details when you make a visit to our website and in this way to recognize and respect the importance of preserving these details safe and lets you know when we get to your personal data.
You need to realize that this privacy policy applies only to this site. If you get another site via the link, you will be subject to the policies of that particular provider. Therefore, it is important to go through the page so you can get the maximum benefit from the use of our services and products we offer.
What information we collect from you?
Usually collect details when you fill out a form or register on our site. When application or registration on this site, you will be prompted to enter the names or e-mail addresses for the purposes of licensing. You can still take advantage of our website despite unanimous.
How can we take advantage of the information that you provide to us?
None of the information provided by us can be used in any of the following methods:
To customize your experience – this information will allow us to respond effectively to the needs of your own.
To improve our website – this gives us the feedback information on what you imagine from our website. Therefore, we strive to develop your site based on what feed us.
To improve the customer experience – this information will allow us to effectively respond to customer requests and better support our customers.
For transaction processing – will not be sold the information that you leave on this site, transfer or exchange of any other company or third party for whichever reason.
To send periodic e-mail messages – e-mail provided that the title will be used to process requests for your application and send you periodic mailings about the performance or the situation on our site. However, this does not only happen with your consent at hand.
How can we protect this information?
We’ve planted a myriad of security measures aimed at preserving the safety and security of your personal information.
We do not discuss your information with third parties?
No market, sell or transfer the data to third parties at a time. Therefore, when you publish any information on our web site, and will be dealing with a lot of respect and privacy. We comply with the law and respect your privacy in all our business dealings.
Online Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy in this case applies only to information collected through our website when you are online. It does not cover the information that is being collected.
By taking advantage of our site, you agree to all the details here.