Vitality Extracts Peaceful Pup Review & Price of Essential Oil

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About the product:

Quiet puppy is a combination of calming oils to relax your dog naturally. This natural solution can reduce your dog’s stress. Some causes of dog’s weight are – separation anxiety, new people or place, fireworks, etc. The best thing is that this oil can help you to calm down your dog in a natural way.

If you have a dog that is very stressful and anxious, this oil will be a great help for your dog. It is a natural oil and entirely safe for use with your dog.

Ingredients of the peaceful pup:

A friendly puppy is a combination of natural dog calming oils. Those oils are –

  • Lavender oil: – This oil affects the central nervous system of your dog. It helps to calm your dog.
  • Chamomile German oil: – This ingredient calms your dog’s body and mind naturally.
  • Geranium oil: – It reduces stress, irritation, and nervousness in your dog.
  • Frankincense oil: – It can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Cypress oil: – Cypress oil relaxes your dog naturally by its calming effect.
  • Lemon oil: – It is helpful to reduce stress.
  • Almond oil: – Its stabilizing effect helps your dot to feel peaceful.

How does it work?

A peaceful pup is a quick-relief formula for your dog. It is 100% natural product to calm your dog’s nerves. It can reduce the stress and anxiety of your dog without any side effects. Its free roll-on allows you to apply peaceful pup to your dog anytime, anywhere, easily.  

Benefits of the peaceful pup:

The benefits of calm puppy are –

  • It provides relaxation to your dog.
  • Peaceful pup help to reduce the stress and anxiety of your dog.
  • It can reduce nervousness and help to treat travel sickness.
  • It is a safe and natural way to treat your dog.

Price and money-back guarantee:

The cost of peaceful pup is very affordable. It is available in three packages, and each package includes free roll-ons.

  • The first package has one bottle of peaceful pup, which costs 4267.49 rupees.
  • The second package has two bottles of peaceful pup in which each bottle costs 3556.19 rupees.
  • The third package has three bottles of peaceful pup in which each bottle costs 2844.79 rupees.

You can get a 60 days money-back guarantee by purchasing this product from the official website of the manufacturer. It will give you 100% refund if you feel unhappy after using this product.    

Customer Reviews:

A peaceful pup helped many customers in reducing the stress and anxiety of their dogs.

Customer 1:

My dog is thrilled after using peaceful pup. He loves it very much. It helped to reduce his stress and stay calm.

Customer 2:

This is a very powerful formula. I am using this product for two months. My dog is peaceful and happy all the time. Highly recommended!


A peaceful pup is a natural formula to treat dog’s stress and anxiety. GC/MS tests it for purity. This product is entirely safe for your dog. It can bring calmness and stress less life for your dog.   You can get a pack on the official website today.